It’s NOT Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Being from the Tri-state area, my loathe for Philadelphia is pretty high. They are brash, rude, and often have an inferiority complex when it comes to  New York.

Every world out of Jimmy Rollins mouth is always anti-Mets. Even when they won the World Series in 2008, he went out of his way to mention Johan Santana.

Yet, here we are three years removed from that title and a sense of entitlement seems to follow not only the Phillies but, the Eagles as well. “The Dream Team” Eagles fell to 1-4 after completely flat-lining against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Within a span of three days, the ‘best team in baseball’ Phillies and ‘The Dream Team’ Eagles lost. A season ended for the Phillies while the Eagles are on the cusp of extinction, something many of the talking heads are in shock about. The Philadelphia sports fan has went from their high-horse to playing the blame-game.

Let’s start with the Phillies. I have gone on record saying the Phillies are in a ‘win now’ mode. They have thrown all their eggs (money) into the current run they are on which I agree with you. It is rare in sports when you have a group of players that are good enough to work together to bring home multiple titles. They have won five division titles and appeared in two World Series with this group. Not bad. But let’s be honest, simply not good enough.

With the likes of Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, and Cole Hamels all being apart of at least two postseasons a piece, I personally thought this was a make-or-break year. Hamels, is surprisingly the only one with a World Series ring out of that group. With age now becoming a factor, it will be interesting to see how long these guys can all hold up.

The offensive group led by Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, and Shane Victorino, will also all be a year older and with Howard out with a torn Achilles, (not to mention a 5-year $125 million contract that beings next season) there is a huge hole in the middle of that lineup. They have declined in runs the last four years and to be frank, are not as dangerous. I’m not saying my Mets will be much of a threat, but the Phillies may not be as far as we once thought.

The window is closing for the Phillies and they know it. To be remembered as a great team, they need to win at least one more World Series. The question is: Is it to late? Or will they become the Braves of this era?

Now for the Eagles. As I stated in my preseason picks, the Eagles were overrated (and not a playoff team). They were thrown together, much like the Yankees of the 2000’s, the Red Sox of 2011 and the Lakers in 2004-05, with high-priced in hopes that an all-star team can win. Money and all-stars rarely keep everyone happy. Not to mention a limited preseason, teams had very little time to gel thus creating cohesion issues.

Dream Teams don’t win Super Bowl. Winning in the NFL is done through the draft. Ask the Redskins and Raiders. They haven’t won because they don’t build through the draft.

More times than not, all-start teams do not win or sustain success. Sure, the Yankees won a World Series in 2009 by throwing more than $400 million at free agents but what has happened since? A.J. Burnett has been the worst pitcher in the American League, A-Rod, Mark Texiera, and Derek Jeter continue to age, and they like the Phillies, aren’t enjoying the ride. When the goal is to win every year, the goal becomes a means to an end instead of an accomplishment.

With both situations, the Philadelphia fan went from a “We are better than everyone else” to scratching their heads and being put back to where they belong, their place. The city has won 1 world championship over the last 31 years and yet a sense of arrogance has somehow taken over the pride for both teams.

Welcome back to reality Philadelphia, your exactly where you belong.


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